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Getting Students Excited About Online Learning

by Carl Straumsheim

Inside Higher Ed

Article excerpt

When Students Are Skeptics

Administrators sometimes disagree with faculty members about the value of online education, and enthusiastic instructors sometimes clash with skeptics. But what can colleges do when their students are the ones resisting change?

Our take

Coming Together to Discuss Blended Learning Options and Opportunities

They may be digital learners, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also skeptics about the efficacy of online learning. As traditional colleges begin to incorporate online learning options into their curricula, encouraging skeptical students to give these options a try can be challenging. What best practices can help to diminish this skepticism?

A recent two-day conference that brought together staffers, students and faculty members to discuss ways of boosting the efficacy and engagement potential of blended courses had participants focus on three key questions: Which tools and strategies have the potential to lower costs? Which tools could improve access to and the quality of education? Which tools best fit the liberal arts curricula? One big barrier to adoption remains: student interest. Opportunities exist to better communicate the availability and value of these options and to provide students with opportunities for more active roles in blended learning. Gatherings like this can help to spur conversation, discussion and understanding.