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Get Personalized

by Michael Feldstein


Article excerpt

The Battle for “Personalized Learning”

We hereby decree, by the power vested in us by nobody at all, that “personalized learning” shall henceforth refer to a family of teaching practices that are intended to help reach students in the metaphorical back row. The ones who are bored, or confused, or tuned out, or feeling stupid.

Our take

Engaging the Disengaged Through Personalized Learning

What does “personalized learning” really mean? What’s the difference between personalized learning and individualized learning? Does it really make a difference?

To some it does; after all, precise definitions can drive relevant action. But, which students is personalized learning most poised to help? The disengaged. This piece makes a good case for a shift away from arguing over definitions to a shift toward finding methods of ensuring that all students–even the bored ones in the back row–have an opportunity to be engaged.