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Get Online to Brand Your School

by Jena Passut

EdTech Magazine

Article excerpt

CoSN 2016: Join the Social Media Conversation

Thought leader Eric Sheninger offers tips on how schools can market and brand themselves online, as well as engage with stakeholders.

Our take

Educators and Administrators: It’s Time to Engage With Stakeholders Online

School systems have more opportunities than ever before to engage with stakeholders within and outside their walls. Social media is one obvious option, but not all are embracing this tool–or know exactly how to do so. Author, consultant and senior fellow with the International Center for Leadership in Education, Eric Sheninger, recently shared his perspectives and recommendations during CoSN 2016. What key takeaways could you put into practice now?

Schools, says Sheninger, have an opportunity to engage in storytelling to connect with students, parents and the community and to strengthen the school brand. Blogging is one obvious way to do this, as is engaging in social media. Today, he says, schools must meet stakeholders on their own turf—increasingly, that means in such places as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn—even channels like Snapchat, which are particularly popular with students. A look at how Sheninger has been using these tools tracing back to his days as principal of New Milford High School in New Jersey can yield some ideas and best practice insights.