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Get Down To Bizness Apps

by Fitz Tepper


Article excerpt

This app builder is letting students turn their ideas into apps for free

Bizness Apps, a DIY app development platform, has been giving free access to any student with a .edu account. In the first few months about 30,000 students have registered for the platform, and the company has partnered with entrepreneurship departments in about 50 universities to onboard students.

Our take

A (Free) Build-Your-Own App Tool

Anyone can come up with a great idea; turning that idea into a reality is a bit tougher, especially when we’re talking app development by students without a background in computer technology. Now there’s an app for that! Could these types of tools help to better engage students at all levels in STEM-related coursework?

The tool, Bizness Apps, is designed to make it relatively easy for non-technical students to turn their app idea into reality. The developers of the app (former college students with an interest in entrepreneurship) are making the tool available, free of charge, to those who sign up before September 1, through an .edu email account. Summer represents a good time—for both students and educators—to dabble with a tool like this.