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Gartner: Technology Trend Predictions

by Nancy Gohring


Article excerpt

In a few years, Gartner predicts most businesses will do more building than buying of apps

In a report released today, Gartner said it believes that by 2020, 75 percent of application purchases by businesses will be related to building apps, rather than buying them. The report covered a very wide range of trends around enterprise software and services, including predictions around the shift to cloud services.

Our take

Buy or Build? Considerations in App Adoption

A recent report from Gartner suggests that businesses may soon turn to developing, or modifying, their own apps rather than simply adopting apps created by others. In addition, the report suggests a tipping point for cloud adoption, with 60 percent of workers accessing office systems from the cloud by 2020. There are countless apps available to aid in teaching, learning and education administration, but would educational institutions be best served by creating their own apps to ensure compatibility and security?

Possibly. One potential downfall, though, would be the need to hire new, or train existing, IT staff to take on this added responsibility. There are tradeoffs that would need to be considered in terms of cost and added functionality.