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Gaming With Purpose

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Article excerpt

Study: Adaptive, gamified approach can boost math scores

A new study from WestEd, a nonpartisan, nonprofit research agency, commissioned by Front Row Education, found that students using the adaptive, gamified and data-drive technology showed greater mathematics achievement outcomes when compared with students who did not. The study included more than 450 kindergarten, first and second grade students in a rural school, and is based on student scores on the Northwest Evaluation Association’s’ (NWEA) Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) in mathematics.

Our take

Gamification Can Drive Learning Outcomes

A study of more than 450 kindergarten through second grade students by nonprofit WestEd, comparing the learning outcomes of students who had been taught math lessons with and without gamification-driven technology, shows better outcomes among those whose learning was aided through a game-based approach. Studies like this reveal the promise of gamification as a tool to boost engagement and learning, but applications must be selected with outcomes in mind. What opportunities exist for your school system to gamify its math instruction?

Gaming elements are an enhancement to learning, but need to be considered and adopted based on sound pedagogical principles. It’s difficult to make judgments about which programs and tools might be most effective, but those that have shown effectiveness through studies such as this represent a good starting point.