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Games and Videos Inspire Lesson Plans

by eSchool News Staff

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Article excerpt

PBS, Smithsonian unveil new science games and videos

New science resources for teachers and students, especially young learners, is forming the cornerstone of a new partnership between PBS LearningMedia and the Smithsonian Science Education Center. At the center of the partnership: an animated series called Good Thinking!, available online, that features science educator Isabella Reyes as she explores “the science of teaching science.

Our take

Good Thinking!: Fun and Games to Boost Science Learning

As conversations about STEM and online predicted shortages of well-prepared talent to fill science, math and technology roles in the future continue, PBS and the Smithsonian are providing an example of how new players can enter the fray to offer engaging content to stimulate young minds. Based on peer-reviewed research and consideration of effective pedagogy, these resources are already available—at no charge—on YouTube. Could your classrooms be taking advantage of these, or other, creative ways of engaging students around tough topics?

Collaborations between educational, media and technology organizations hold promise for delivering information in innovative ways; school systems need to consider how these options fit into their overall educational strategies now and in the not-so-distant future, particularly when offered by highly-regarded sources using sound educational principles in the development of their materials.