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Four Tips For Engaging Higher Ed Data

by Jamey Rorison and Mamie Voight

Institute for Higher Education Policy

Article excerpt

Leading with Data: How Senior Institution and System Leaders Use Postsecondary Data to Promote Student Success

Leveraging lessons from people working on the ground, the brief explores how these senior leaders use data to inform their daily and long-term decision making and highlights student success-focused, action-oriented examples of data use at the institution level. Our initial engagement with SILC participants produced four clear recommendations that other institutional leaders can leverage to use data in more impactful ways on their campuses.

Our take

Taking a Seat at the Data Policy Table

There is no shortage of data on most college campuses, but that data is often not being leveraged effectively to glean useful insights. The IHEP launched a Senior Institutional Leadership Council (SILC) in 2015 to address this issue. The Council came up with four recommendations to aid higher ed leaders in using data more effectively. What advice do they have for educators?

The Council focused on four broad recommendations: establish an institutional culture of data use, share data responsibilities widely, go outside campus boundaries to find data, and become engaged with data policy discussions and issues at a higher level. As questions about the efficacy of technology and new teaching methods proliferate, the ability to capture and use data effectively is increasingly important.