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For Big Data, the Time Is Now

For Big Data, the Time Is Now

by Troy Williams

eCampus News

Article excerpt

The biggest potential, and biggest challenge, to Big Data in higher ed

The era of big data in higher education has arrived. However, it’s important for campuses to figure out how to properly capture, manage, and use this data wisely in order to improve student outcomes and retention at their institution.

Our take

Data is Meaningless Unless It’s Effectively Translated Into Information

Big data is a promise that is beginning to see fruition in some educational circles, but cost of implementation and solid strategies for how the data will be used remain barriers. At this point, educational institutions don’t need more data—they need better information that can be gleaned from the big data they now have access to. What should you be doing to ensure that your educational institution is positioned to leverage the promise of big data?

Whether or not you’ve currently invested in big data applications, now is the time to begin—or continue—conversations around how that data will be translated into meaningful information that can be used to improve outcomes ranging from instructor performance to student learning, engagement and satisfaction. Without strategic relevance, data quickly loses its value.