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Follow Along With Teacher Advisor

by Elizabeth A. Harris

The New York Times

Article excerpt

Next Target for IBM’s Watson? Third-Grade Math

For the past two years, the IBM Foundation has worked with teachers and their union, the American Federation of Teachers, to build Teacher Advisor, a program that uses artificial-intelligence technology to answer questions from educators and help them build personalized lesson plans. By the end of the year, it will be available free to third-grad math teachers across the country and will add subject areas and grade levels over time.

Our take

The Promise of AI for Personalized Learning

Need help building personalized lesson plans for your students? If you teach third-grade math, you may be in luck. Teacher Advisor is a program that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help educators build personalized lesson plans—IBM and the American Federal of Teachers will be making the resource available at no cost to third-grade math teachers later this year and, ultimately, to others as well.

It’s an interesting, and potentially applicable, application of AI in the education realm, addressing an area of challenge for teachers as they attempt to better meet individual student needs. Even if you’re not a third-grade math teacher, it will be instructive to follow the experiences of those who choose to participate in piloting this AI alternative to personalized lesson plan development. Of course, while AI holds potential promise, it is ultimately up to educators, tech companies, parents and students to work together to ensure new tools serve to benefit everyone.