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Flipping the College Classroom

by Paige Francis

eCampus News

Article excerpt

Why flipping the core is not sacrilege in higher education

Flipping classes in undergrad psych? Say it with me – insane! Except not remotely.

Our take

Are College Learners Ready to be Flipped?

Introductory college courses are notoriously large and, let’s admit it, often boring. Listing to a professor talk for 50 minutes is rarely stimulating for even the most engaged learner. Flipped learning may hold promise for better engaging undergraduate students in large lecture environments, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind. What do you need to know to successfully flip your college courses?

First, as this piece points out, not all students are going to embrace this form of learning. About one-third of psychology professor Michael Andreychik’s students do not come to class prepared to be flipped! Still, he suggests, there are ways to boost the efficacy of the flipped lecture process, including: use tools to help you create and post lectures and quizzes, don’t forego traditional reading assignments and recognize that not all instructors are equally adept at the process.