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Flipped Learning In Large College Classes: The Key

by Barbi Honeycutt, PhD

Faculty Focus

Article excerpt

Flipping Large Classes: Three Strategies to Engage Students

Having 100, 200, or 400+ students in class means teaching in large lecture halls with stadium seating and seats that are bolted to the floor. It’s not exactly the ideal space for collaboration and group discussions, so the types of flipped and active learning strategies you can use are more limited.

Our take

Even Large College Classrooms Can Be Flipped

Flipped learning is gaining traction in classrooms around the country at all levels of education. But teachers with large classes, particularly those in college lecture halls that accommodate literally hundreds of students, are often challenged to find ways to apply these concepts. Is it possible to apply flipped learning concepts even in very large classroom settings?

This article offers some ideas and examples of how this might be done based on the personal experiences of a professor and consultant on flipped learning. She shares some specific activities that can be readily applied in large classroom settings to better engage students. The key to making flipped learning work, of course, is ensuring that students are prepared and knowledgeable of the material.