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Flipped Classroom: Dropouts To Advise

  • July 11, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

by Gabrielle Emanuel


Article excerpt

How To Fix A Graduation Rate Of 1 In 10? Ask The Dropouts

It’s too early to see whether these efforts will boost the graduation rate. But both Pizarro and Feinstein say they see signs that students are more willing to stay in school.

Our take

What You Can Learn From Your Dropouts

Graduation rates at most higher education institutions around the country are surprisingly low – at San Jose State University, for instance, only about one in ten graduate. Those numbers are more common than you might imagine. Why? More importantly, what should schools be doing to turn these numbers around?

In hindsight, it may seem obvious, but few schools are taking the approach that San Jose State University has to attack high dropout rates – ask the dropouts for advice. It’s approach that is commonly used in consumer marketing situations; when customers fail to return businesses often turn to them to find out why. Colleges and universities can do the same and, like San Jose State University, may yield crucial insights in the process. Technology can provide some answers as well.