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Your First Day At Application University

by Korey Pimental

eCampus News

Article excerpt

5 key points to consider when developing a mobile app for university students

Mobile apps are meant to give your students a solution to a specific problem, for example, an app for dining services. The type of mobile app your team creates may vary depending upon your users’ needs.

Our take

Practical App Applications

With so many students tied to their mobile devices these days, apps can be a great way to engage them in a familiar environment and can be used for very practical solutions to common student needs. What do you need to know about creating an app for your educational institution?

When created to serve a specific need, apps can boost engagement and brand identity for universities. The starting point in app development should be consideration of how the app might solve specific student problems—like knowing what’s on the menu for lunch, or staying up-to-date on campus events. This piece offers five practical steps for developing apps designed to resonate with college students, or other audiences.