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Find Potential in Professional Development

by Valerie Lewis


Article excerpt

Why Most Professional Development Stinks—and How You Can Make It Better

The buck doesn’t stop with school leaders and administrators–teachers should go deeper with their learning and ownership over PD. When the excitement sparks from within, then we can teach our students better and apply our knowledge.

Our take

Teachers’ Training Needs Mirror the Needs of Their Students

Professional development (PD) can be the bane of many teachers’ existence when it’s positioned more as a mandate than a valuable learning opportunity. When teachers are the students they experience much of the same frustrations that their own students endure; the principles of improving PD can also apply to improving their own classroom instruction. How can PD move beyond required drudgery to meaningful engagement?

Some advice for administrators: offer choices and leverage the ability to use and interact with the new tech teaching tools that teachers are increasingly incorporating into their classrooms. Just as students revel in the ability to shape their own learning experiences so, too, do teachers—even more so. PD can become an opportunity to begin discussions about how technology can be better leveraged to achieve learning outcomes K20 and beyond.