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Kids in Front of Laptop

Blogs Give Learning Greater Meaning

by Cara Bafile

Education World

Article excerpt

Fifth-Graders Soar In the Blogosphere

Blogging is not only a means for students to show what they know, but it also brings motivation and purpose to student learning,” Gillian Ryan told Education World. “Blogging is purposeful to students because it is part of their world; it’s a means for students to use a communication tool that’s relevant.

Our take

Blogging Boosts Learning in More Than Just the Language Arts

Blogs can be an obvious way to help children learn and hone their writing and communication skills. But, as this teacher’s examples illustrate, the use of blogs can aid learning across a broad range of subject areas—from history and geography to math and more. It’s amazing what students can do if given the time, support and tools needed to unleash their creativity as these fifth grade bloggers demonstrate. What best practices can help you to leverage this readily available tool?

Simply posing questions in a blog format can lead to better engagement, suggests this article. It’s a different environment than the singular engagement of responding to the same questions on a worksheet or in a paper. Blogs allow sharing and learning between students—and their teachers.