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Facebook Live: A New Learning Tool?

by Adam Gavarkovs

eLearning Industry

Article excerpt

5 Reasons To Use Facebook Live As An Interactive Video Platform

Live allows users of the mobile Facebook app to broadcast live video to their friends or the larger public. In the past, mostly celebrities used this platform, but it has now been opened up to the larger Facebook population.

Our take

Engaging Asynchronously

One of the drawbacks of asynchronous learning is that it’s asynchronous. There’s something to be said about engaging, live, with instructors and other learners and there are a variety of emerging tools and apps to allow educators to do that. Facebook Live is one recent examples. Are there ways to leverage this tool in your online instruction?

Today’s students are naturally engaged in various social media channels; Facebook is fundamentally familiar to them. Instead of asking students to “disconnect” while they’re learning, educators should take steps to consciously incorporate the tools they’re most familiar with. This piece offers five ways in which Facebook Live could be incorporated into asynchronous learning environments.