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OneNote: A Worthwhile Educational Tool

by Kelly Walsh


Article excerpt

Exploring Microsoft OneNote for Teaching and Learning

OneNote is a unique tool that makes it easy to gather lots of information in one place, and is great for collaboration, sharing, projects, group work, and much more. It is free for use in education, and is often included with MS Office (depending on which version you have).

Our take

Tips and Tools to Help You Master OneNote

Our Take: OneNote is one of a growing number of low/no-cost tech tools that teachers can bring into the classroom for collaboration and group project work. And, although relatively easy to use, like any tool, it can initially be daunting simply because of its capabilities. What best practice tips can help you hit the ground running?

This piece offers a short list of learning tools that can help you get quickly up-to-speed and ready to use OneNote in your classrooms—from a brief video, to more in-depth video instruction and a link to a Microsoft site with a number of additional resources and teaching scenarios available to explore.