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Ever Considered Year-Round?

by T. Keung Hui

The News&Observer

Article excerpt

NC families worried they could lose year-round school calendar

Most families send their children to traditional-calendar schools, which have summer vacations of two months or more. But in year-round schools, summer break is shortened so students typically have three-week breaks after every nine weeks of classes.

Our take

What Is a School Year?

Parents in Raleigh are worried that their year-round school calendar might be converted back to a more traditional timeframe. Year-round schooling has been proposed in other districts for a number of years, but whether or not it’s a viable option requires crunching the numbers—and considering the impacts on all stakeholders. Despite potential demand, could your district afford to make this change?

It’s a complex, and often contentious issue, with opinions leaning toward both extremes. The traditional schedule, with long summer breaks, has been in place for decades. Changing social dynamics and access to technology are both driving conversations around new options for scheduling formats. Cost will obviously be one concern as districts work to manage increasingly tight budgets. It’s clear, though, that these types of conversations are likely to increase in both volume and scope.