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Ensuring Flipped Classrooms Aren’t a Flop

by Dian Schaffhauser

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Flipped Classes Continue Evolving at Stanford and Harvard

Instructors at two universities on opposite sides of the country, both with extensive experience in flipped learning, are continuing to tweak the model, according to articles recently published in their respective student newspapers. In flipped learning lecture is typically delivered through pre-recorded lectures that students watch before coming to class; then class time is dedicated to other activities.

Our take

A New Way to Flip the Classroom

Flipped classrooms hold promise but require more of both teachers and instructors; some schools are experimenting with modifications to this teaching method to remove barriers and minimize objections. How could your instructors better leverage the promise of flipped learning?

One big challenge is ensuring that students come to class prepared. Those students who don’t read assigned textbook material prior to traditional lecture-style teaching are equally unlikely to review the videotaped lectures and information provided to them in a flipped environment. The hybrid option discussed here represents a potential solution that could meet the needs of both engaged, and less engaged students, and relieve some burden and frustration for instructors.