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Woman Talking in front of class

Encouraging the Interactive Lecture

by Guido Kovalskys


Article excerpt

Why the Best Teachers Won’t Ditch the Lecture

There are multiple paths through which deep, meaningful learning can occur within the classroom. Rather than pitting one method against another or advocating a whole-scale substitution of instructional approaches, teachers and administrators should consider and leverage what works in a more integrated way.

Our take

Staying Ahead of the Curve to Serve Varying Learner Needs

Today’s educators are faced with a myriad of options for engaging learners. As this writer notes, new options don’t necessarily reflect a replacement for previous tools—like lectures—but, perhaps, new ways to augment the traditional and achieve greater levels of engagement. How can today’s educators best adapt?

It’s a rapidly moving world out there in any profession and education is certainly no exception. Today’s educators must stay abreast of continually emerging teaching tools, yet still select the options that will work best with their curricula and their students. In a rapidly changing educational environment Lenovo is committed to building the tools and solutions that empower better learning outcomes.