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Encouraging STEM Through Extracurriculars

by Matthew Randazzo

The Huffington Post

Article excerpt

Sparking Curiosity In STEM, In And Outside The Classroom

The benefits of after-school activities and summer enrichment programs are limitless. Unlike many traditional classroom models that rely on daily lectures, these programs typically feature highly interactive, hands-on learning experiences for students.

Our take

Taking STEM Outside the Classroom

Encouraging student interest in STEM/STEAM related concepts isn’t an either/or proposition says this writer. Concepts need to be delivered both through classroom instruction and via after-school and extracurricular options. Do you have the right balance in place to effectively engage your students?

Offering students an opportunity to learn and explore outside of the traditional classroom can help to identify areas of interest, boost learning and provide insights into ways these options could be incorporated back into the classroom setting. A wide array of options exist, both traditional and digital, to serve varied needs based on age, learning preference, budgets, and space.