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Empowering Greater Learning Through Technology

Empowering Greater Learning Through Technology

  • September 08, 2015|
  • 3 years ago

by Sam Morris

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Global Education Solutions Architect

Introducing Lenovo Education: Transformation, Made Possible

Lenovo Education is a proactive technology partner passionate about empowering teachers and students through a commitment to reliability and innovation. Our mission is to help education professionals harness technology’s full potential in a way that makes sense for their organization, students, and end goals. As the industry makes its way through shifts in curriculum, new testing requirements, and mounting expectations, education must transform. Lenovo Education is about making that transformation possible.

By focusing on solutions specific to education, Lenovo is able to confidently move toward our mission. Lenovo is a global leader in PC manufacturing that offers technology solutions across the board – including PCs, phones, tablets, servers, accessories, and more. Each of our products is engineered as a cutting-edge solution to increase and improve reliability, security, and user experience. They meet customer needs across industries, ranking first in 22 out of 24 customer satisfaction categories, achieving service, product, sales responsiveness, and overall satisfaction in 11 out of 15 quarters.

Beyond exceptional design, Lenovo has a knack for innovation. In education, innovation is necessary. The industry keeps moving and educators need to be backed by tools that help them keep up. Lenovo Education is well matched to serve a constantly evolving landscape by bringing adaptable technology, unique solutions, and forward-thinking ideas to the table. And we don’t stop there. Inherent partnerships with key industry players such as Intel, Microsoft, Google, and more means that we can offer comprehensive solutions. Working together, we can ensure that no corner of the classroom is overlooked and no opportunity to learn is ignored.

As technology’s meaningful use becomes detrimental to successful education initiatives, Lenovo Education is dedicated to helping facilitate positive changes. In terms of technology’s role in the classroom, our company strives to help you:

Design It. Your vision wasn’t meant to stay on paper – it was meant to evolve, progress, and come to fruition in an impactful way. Lenovo Education exists to give you access to relevant insights, leading industry opinions, and help you push the boundaries of where well thought-out strategy can take your classroom.

Build It. The modern classroom can be painfully complicated. Lenovo Education helps to simplify how you implement technology in the classroom and beyond. We provide the digital building blocks you need to make your vision a reality without sacrificing what matters most – successful student learning.

Use It. Education requires action. Lenovo Education enables educators to use technology in a way that benefits students. With efficiency, innovation, and reliability at their side, educators can focus on personalizing technology implementation to meet specific needs.

Lenovo Education knows that successful teaching and learning requires experimentation. This website will be a useful tool as you find new ideas and learn what works best. As the industry continues to define the modern classroom, we intend to be a trustworthy resource for those who wish to enhance the teaching and learning environment along the way.