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Embracing the IoT: Slowly, but Surely

by David Nagel

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Security Tops List of Trends That Will Impact the Internet of Things

Are you ready to deal with “denial of sleep” attacks? Those are attacks using malicious code, propagated through the Internet of Things, aimed at draining the batteries of your devices by keeping them awake. And it’s one of the top 10 technology trends affecting IoT in the near future cited by market research firm Gartner in a new report.

Our take

Educators and IoT: Opportunities to Wait and See?

The Internet of Things (IoT) involves the use of technology to power, manage and gather data from devices, or “things,” that could range from wastepaper baskets to supply closets to bookshelves–you name it! IoT offers many opportunities, but also poses some risks as identified in this recent report from Gartner.

The greatest risk related to the adoption of IoT is security, according to Gartner. But that’s not the only risk, or challenge, that might create barriers for adoption. Not all networks are currently built to handle the added demand of IoT, especially in rural areas, and there is currently to one standard that could apply to all applications. Fortunately, in the education realm, IoT does not seem to be a significant current priority; there should be ample time to watch, wait and evaluate.