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Educause Parody Twitter Goes Viral

by Jeffrey R. Young

EdSurge News

Article excerpt

How a Parody Twitter Account Helps Decode the Hulking Educause Conference (And What to Expect This Year)

When he first started the account in 2010, he told no one, and he snuck to corners of the conference center so no one would catch him in the 140-character act. But since he is active in Educause committees, he felt he had to reveal himself at the end of that first year.

Our take


It started out as a parody, but it’s gone viral and has become a staple at the annual Educause conference. Since 2010, @EDUCAUSE_HULK has been tweeting in all caps, sharing insights and humor with “puny humans.” Did you have an opportunity to get in on the fun this year?

EDUCAUSE 2016 is over, but the Hulk intends to be on hand again next year in Philadelphia. His often caustic tweets poke fun at ed-tech, but prompt engagement and discussion around the trends and issues at each year’s conference. Technology can be threatening to teachers. But, viewing technology as a collaborator versus a competitor allows teachers to leverage the best of the tools available to enhance classroom teaching and learning.