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EDUCAUSE Identifies Emerging IT Issues

by Meris Stansbury

eCampus News

Article excerpt

EDUCAUSE: The top 10 IT issues in 2017

According to Susan Grajek, vice president of data, research, and analytics for EDUCAUSE, there were three new issues mentioned by higher ed panelists this year: strategic leadership, higher education affordability, and next-generation enterprise IT.

Our take

New IT Issues Emerge at EDUCAUSE

At EDUCAUSE the top IT issues for 2017 were recently identified. While some are familiar, some new issues emerged this year: strategic leadership, affordability and next-gen enterprise IT. How do these issues resonate on your campus?

Each year EDUCAUSE provides an opportunity for educational leaders and IT vendors to come together to share best practices, perspectives and new developments. While some issues—like information security—remain evergreen, others ebb and flow. One benefit to attending, or reading about the highlights of the event, is finding out where your school fits on the ed-tech adoption continuum. Taking the time to learn about new options, new practices and emerging developments can help educators make the most of technology.