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Education’s Top Tech Trends

by Pragati Verma


Article excerpt

5 Tech Trends That Will Transform Education By 2025

Technology is reshaping how we teach, connecting classrooms and shaking up the fundamental business model of the education industry. The disruptive potential is evident in the flow of capital investment.

Our take

Emerging Tech Options Require a Focus on Demonstrated Outcomes

MOOCs, flipped classroom, peer-to-peer learning, virtual badges and adaptive learning tools are five tech trends that Forbes recently identified, but these are likely just the tip of the iceberg. The article also indicates soaring capital investments in education technologies—up 55 percent in 2014 with some firms reaching valuations of up to $1 billion. How are new technologies likely to impact the educational industry?

It’s difficult to say which trends will stick but, as some suggest, “follow the money.” For educators that means staying abreast of potentially disruptive innovations, but maintaining a focus not on technology for technology’s sake, but on technology that is shown to boost efficiencies, cut costs or improve learning outcomes. The technology landscape in education is changing rapidly and Lenovo is committed to building the tools and solutions that empower better outcomes for educators and the students they serve.