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Kids in Front of Laptop

Education’s Mobile Movement

by Tausif Alam

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How edtech startups are contributing to a changing trend in education in India

According to an estimate, the education market of India is worth USD 100 billion annually, 60 per cent of which is accounted for by the K-12 sector. Besides, innovation and technology have opened a pass for education startups to penetrate into the market.

Our take

Micro Learning Through Mobile

Mobile phones are having a profound impact on education globally. India is seeing a boon in edtech startups poised to serve the massive demand for education that can be challenging to deliver in more traditional ways. With an educational market estimated at $100 billion, India is attracting the attention of edtech startups offering a wide array of offerings to serve what is a very fragmented market. What can others learn from this trend?

While much attention has been placed on the use of tablets in instruction, mobile may hold more promise as India’s examples illustrate. From the delivery of online tutoring, to online assessment, edtech firms are finding that mobile platforms can be used for micro learning—small bites of information and education that can be readily consumed from anywhere.