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Education Websites: Keep in Mind Who Is Visiting

by Esther Shein

University Business

Article excerpt

College websites put users first

While prospective students look for different things at different stages of the college search, it’s critical to give them “clear consumer information” to compare institutions, says Joselyn Zivin, director of market research and market planning at Huron Consulting Group. Sites should clearly promote the programs offered, course credit information and admission requirements.

Our take

Get Inside Their Heads With User Personas

When well-designed, and taking the user experience into account, college websites can deliver desired results—like enrollment. But, too often, websites are designed more from the institution’s perspective than from the viewpoint of potential users, including potential students, students, parents and alumni. How could you better meet the needs of visitors to your website?

The use of personas, long a standard in various marketing settings, could hold promise to help educational institutions “get inside the heads” of their potential users. Careful consideration of who you’re communicating with, with their likely questions and concerns, can help to provide focus on sharing the right information. This should start with actual research into user needs and culminate in the creation of user personas that can help to guide website content creation.