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Education Requires Technology and Tradition

by Darwin Green

US News & World Report

Article excerpt

4 Surprising School Supplies Online Students Might Need

You might think online education exists solely on the computer, but it doesn’t. Just like any other education program, online learning involves the same amount of note-taking and physical presence for learning, and therefore requires several of the same tools.

Our take

Despite Technology, Students Still Rely on Pen and Paper

Live theater was the precursor to movies, which were the precursor to television, which has since led to streaming online video. Yet none of these have replaced the others. Similarly, just because some learning can now take place online, doesn’t mean that students–regardless of their age–won’t need some traditional classroom tools as this online learner points out. What are the essentials that 21st century learners still can’t do without?

Interestingly, the tools today’s learners still require are basic: writing instruments, paper, folders, and a good chair! The point is well taken. Technology and the Internet bring great value in many ways, but much of this value is still delivered in a classroom setting where the form and function of instruction and technology interaction must be considered—along with the need for some very basic tools.