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Education Needs to Embrace Innovation

by Knowledge@Wharton

Wharton University of Pennsylvania

Article excerpt

Ahead of the Class: Mapping Education’s Next Transformation

To meet society’s changing needs, our antique educational system has to change or it will get a failing grade, many argue. At the recent Wharton “Reimagine Education” conference, innovators came together to propose new paradigms and digital solutions to upend the traditional practices of higher education.

Our take

The Borg Said it First: “Resistance is futile.”

There’s a lot of movement going on in education these days, and not a lot of consistency across school systems, or even classrooms. What will the future hold? At Wharton’s recent “Reimagine Education” conference, innovators in the field came together to share their views and imagine the future. What are the potential disruptions you need to be aware of now?

If these industry experts’ perspectives are even close to an accurate reflection of what the future holds, the disruptions are likely to be significant. Education, they say, is one of the few industries that has not yet seen much disruption, where change is avoided and where resistance to new methods remains. That resistance is likely to be futile, however, as disruptive forces outside of traditional educational institutions begin to connect with consumers. This is a must read for educators at all ends of the spectrum, from pre-K, to K-12 to higher ed and lifelong learning.