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Education IT: How You Measure Up

by D. Frank Smith


Article excerpt

How EDUCAUSE's 10 Higher Ed IT Priorities Stack Up [#Infographic]

EDUCAUSE picked the brains of its research panel members, which include CIOs and other IT leaders, to help determine which issues made it onto this year’s list of the organization’s Top 10 IT issues. The entire EDUCAUSE membership was then surveyed to rank the issues.

Our take

Not So Far Behind After All

You know the IT issues that are front and center for your educational institution, but do you know how your issues stack up against other districts and schools around the country? The results of EDUCAUSE research, simplified in an infographic, can help you see where you’re ahead, behind, or right in the middle of the curve.

It’s natural to assume that everybody else is further ahead than you, or your school district, when it comes to tech adoption. But, as this research illustrates, the playing field is pretty level. Perhaps most encouraging is that student expectations and teacher interests and adoption are fairly well aligned when it comes to the use of various types of technologies in the classroom.