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Education Business, Not Just Tech

by Amy Burroughs


Article excerpt

Campus Technology 2016: The Road to the CIO’s Office

In a discussion for IT professionals considering a CIO role in their future, five panelists offered advice that might have been surprising. “We’re not really in the technology business,” said Joe Moreau, vice chancellor of technology at Foothill–De Anza Community College. “We’re in the education business.”

Our take

Future IT Leaders Need Broad Focus

It’s not enough anymore for IT leaders to have a singular focus on all things tech. They increasingly must understand how technology powers the mission and strategies of the organizations they work for and the industries they work in. Education is no exception. In this article from EdTech Magazine’s managing editor, some IT leaders share their insights on what IT leaders need to know today—and in the future. How are your IT leaders positioned to rise to these challenges?

Educational institutions and their IT staff members are both navigating the many changes and opportunities that technology presents while they work to prepare today’s students for the jobs of the future. IT leaders need to ensure that their decisions are supportive of the organizations they serve. That means getting outside of their offices and interacting with administrators, instructors—even students. These conversations and collaborations can help to ensure an efficient and effective ed tech infrastructure. There are a broad range of issues that impact the IT infrastructure of the 21st century.