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EdTech Closing Education Equity Gap

by Luke Kingma


Article excerpt

Technology for Good: How EdTech Startups Are Democratizing Education

Young people are poised to enter a cutting-edge digital workforce. However, the playing field is far from equal.

Our take

Infographic: Closing Education Equity Gaps

There are significant gaps in educational achievement and accomplishments among students based on race, ethnicity, income and geography. Technology is bringing this issue to the forefront, but is also providing an infrastructure to help close the gaps. What options are available to your school system to ensure equitable education for all?

This infographic points to several examples of edtech start-ups that are working to close educational gaps. One, DreamWakers, uses video chat to bring speakers to classrooms around the country via 45 minute “flashchats.” Their focus is on schools that have not previously benefited from the value that outside speakers can bring. It’s just one example—but it’s making an impact. In fact, 93 percent of students were still talking about their flashchats days after they occurred.