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Ed Tech Priorities For 2016 School Year

by Alan Joch


Article excerpt

5 Classroom Tech Priorities for the Coming School Year

More than 50 million students will soon return to school, and school districts have been spending the summer upgrading classroom technology in preparation for their return. For all the work done this summer, IT administrators will look for ways to continually improve throughout the school year as well.

Our take

Conversations to Drive Ed Tech Innovation and Application

From an infrastructure standpoint, some of the classroom tech priorities for the coming schoolyear, highlighted by EdTech Focus On K-12 include: LANs and WANs, mobile, security and student privacy, digital interactive projectors and 3D printing. If you’re not on top of the tech strategy discussions taking place in your system, is now the time to get engaged?

IT is no longer operating within silos in education. Today’s IT leaders and educational administrators know that collaboration and conversation can help drive innovation and ensure the right tech choices in alignment with school system strategies. Your input about your, and your students’ needs, can help administrators and IT leaders make better tech adoption decisions. These decisions also impact the learning spaces where students and instructors gather.