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Ed Tech Advancements Call For Individualized PD For Educators

by Sarah Brown Wessling

eSchool News

Article excerpt

Professional development should make teachers feel urgent, not small and isolated

As we collectively elevate teaching so that it may sit comfortably alongside other highly respected and important professions, we must think carefully about how to provide higher-quality, effective continuing education for teaching.

Our take

New Options and Alternatives for PD

Teachers are entrusted with the development and nurturing of children’s futures. That’s an increasingly bigger burden than it has been historically given the rapid changes in technology that impact both teaching methods and future career options. The traditional approach to professional development (PD) for teachers is not keeping pace with today’s needs. ATLAS, according to this author, is one step in the right direction. Should you be reevaluating your PD offerings?

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards has introduced ATLAS as an online option for teacher training. It’s one option in a growing field of non-traditional alternatives to the lecture-based sessions that remain common. The opportunities presented by the wide array of classroom technology options require not only tailored PD at the individual level, but also a broad bird’s-eye view of how these resources can be integrated to yield invaluable data.