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Economic And Effective VR Solutions

  • July 19, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

by Georgia Wells

The Wall Street Journal

Article excerpt

Virtual Reality Learns How to Get Into the Classroom

Nearpod Inc., a startup that makes education software used in 10,000 schools across the U.S., is launching virtual-reality lessons [in February]. Here’s their pitch: instead of requiring schools to invest heavily in headsets and other hardware, Nearpod’s approach relies on students using their own devices or district-supplied electronics.

Our take

Going Virtual in Meaningful Ways

Why invest in infrastructure when students can use their own devices? That’s the philosophy of Nearpod Inc., a startup that has launched virtual-reality lessons that leverages student and district-supplied electronics for virtual technology lessons. It’s one of a number of companies, including Google, introducing virtual and augmented reality devices and promoting their use in both K-12 and higher ed settings. Are there real opportunities or is this just techno-hype?

Nearpod was recently in attendance at ISTE 2016, generating some buzz among attendees. And, yes, virtual reality holds some promise in education beyond offering virtual field trips. As the cost of these technologies decline and students increasingly have access to their own devices, teachers have a range of options for applying virtual reality in meaningful ways.