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Drafting the Best Online Materials

by CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking)

Learning First Alliance

Article excerpt

Educators Must be "Street Smart" in Digitally Savvy World

Teachers and students use a large number of open source digital resources. In addition to assessing their effectiveness, we need to analyze license agreements and verify their implementation to ensure the protection of our students and their data.

Our take

Reaping the Rewards, While Avoiding the Risks, of Online Education Options

The availability of online learning tools, rubrics and information is a big benefit for teachers, but there are risks associated with these materials. The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) has identified a number of useful resources that can help teachers, and their school districts, evaluate online options and create effective use policies. What should you be doing to ensure safe and secure use of digital tools by your instructors?

The proliferation of tools readily available online mean that school districts are at risk of inadvertently introducing viruses, malware and more into their electronic systems. Teachers, administrators and other staff members need to be educated, trained and communicated with regularly to ensure that they understand the risks and are taking appropriate steps to avoid them. These resources can provide a good starting point.