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Doubts, Difficulties, And Driving Conversations

by Carl Straumsheim

Inside Higher Ed

Article excerpt

Doubts About Data: 2016 Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology

Most faculty members say data-driven assessments and accountability efforts aren’t helping them improve the quality of teaching and learning at their colleges and universities, according to the 2016 Inside Higher Ed Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology.

Our take

Conversations About Online Instruction

Teachers are beginning to find some value in incorporating online learning into their curriculum, but many still question whether online learning can be as effective as traditional, are not sure ed-tech investments have been worthwhile and have concerns about the rising costs of textbooks and academic journals. They also don’t agree with their administrators that meaningful discussions around these issues are taking place. What’s the situation on your campus?

Online learning can be a good option to augment traditional coursework and provide access to underserved students in rural areas—or those looking for more flexibility. The environment is different, though, and requires different instructional approaches. While some instructors excel in this environment, others don’t. Creating opportunities for collaboration and conversation can help ensure a more rewarding online experience, and better outcomes, for all. Our piece on “Professional Development and the Data-Driven Classroom” provides some additional perspectives.