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Don’t Go It Alone In Data Security

by Mike Baker


Article excerpt

Seven Tips to Protect Faculty and Student Data from Hackers

Smart devices, systems, and services that talk to other devices via the Internet mean educators as well as students can all be more productive. But this new-found freedom and the combination of mobile computing access to always-connected, cloud-based software has created headaches for anyone tasked with the job of securing it all.

Our take

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Data Security

Data security is a big deal these days in education and other circles. This piece provides a look at some specific strategies that educators and administrators can implement to minimize security risk. How many are in place in your institutions?

The seven tips in this article are a combination of technology fixes and human interaction. Secure devices, encryption, data loss prevention and web filtering technology are all very important components of a sound security plan. But, education—for educators and students—must also be part of the mix, and it must be ongoing. The final point: don’t try to go it alone—there are plenty of resources available through vendors to help partner with systems to assess and improve security.