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Dissemination Of Gamification

by Dave Doucette


Article excerpt

Gamification Champions Create Big Wins on Campus

An opportunity exists for college IT champions to help educators embrace gamification. Proponents of gamification, which initially flourished in K–12, say it offers just as many benefits for college students.

Our take

Students Game for Gamification in the Classroom

Use cases demonstrate that gamification in the classroom can boost both learning and engagement. But it can be tough to see gamification take hold in environments where ed tech is still a bit of a mystery to many. Are there gamification champions in your midst that could help insert some new ideas into your delivery methods?

Using games in the classroom is really nothing new, it’s just that today’s games offer significantly different and potentially more engaging experiences than the games of the past. There are a wide range of options available. So many that it can be hard to determine which ones might hold the most relevance for your students. Starting discussions with other educators to find out whether, and how, they’re incorporating gamification into their classrooms can be a good way to unearth best practices.