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Disney: Making Coloring Books Cool Again

by Andrew Liszewski


Article excerpt

Disney Has Invented 3D Coloring Books

With its Color Alive line, Crayola was the first company to merge coloring books and apps so kids could bring their on-page creations to life. But Disney Research is taking that idea one step further by letting kids see a coloring book character move in 3D while they’re still coloring it.

Our take

This Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Coloring Book!

How do brands like Disney (founded in 1923) and Crayola (founded in 1885) stay relevant decades after they were first launched? By continuing to innovate and embrace the opportunities that cultural and technological change have driven—and by leveraging the great ideas of others to launch their own. In this case, Disney has taken Crayola’s step of merging coloring books and apps one step further by adding 3D to the mix. Coming soon to a classroom near you?

The app is still in development, but the technology looks promising. This and other innovations promise to continue to offer new opportunities—and, yes, challenges—to teachers who are faced with a multitude of continually evolving tech-driven options for greater classroom and student engagement. Many apps are cool, but some like this one are really cool: virtual reality may hold promise to engage students of all ages in new and innovative ways.