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Digitizing the Textbook

by J. Vignesh

The Economic Times

Article excerpt

Publishers go the startup way digitising content, investing in education-technology companies

With startups innovating with technology in the education space, the age old veterans in the publishing space want to be a part of this change too. From digitizing (sic) their content to investing in ed-tech startups, these players want to reach their audience in an all new tech savvy avatar.

Our take

Digital Textbook Adoption Requires a Focus on Providing Something Different

There’s plenty of room for improvement in the digital textbook landscape. Going beyond simply moving content from a hard-copy textbook to an online format holds promise to better engage students, and instructors. Publishers are beginning to invest in edtech companies to help them better leverage technology. What options in engagement would most interest you and your students?

There’s ample opportunity to move digital content beyond brochureware to provide a more interactive, engaging and collaborative space for students to access and share content with teachers, and other students, in their own classrooms and beyond. Animations, interactive activities, video presentations, etc., along with online assessments, can all be used to improve the value of digital content beyond what traditional textbooks can offer. And yet, these innovations are not yet picking up steam. Until they do, it’s unlikely that either students, or teachers, will be eager to adopt—or adapt—to digital textbooks.