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Digitizing The Language Game

by Lisa Rodriguez

eSchool News

Article excerpt

7 digital resources for students learning English or any other language

These days, thanks to digital technology, we have the resources to resuscitate language learning and make it the adventure it should be. There are many advantages to digital language learning over classroom instruction, including access to content at any time, in any location, and current technologies make content interactive, as opposed to stuffy foreign language textbooks.

Our take

Lightening Up Language Learning

Technology is opening up new, and more engaging, means of teaching languages to students in ways that resonate—and work. A variety of tools exist that provide opportunity for interaction and practice. What opportunities might tools like Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, or others, hold for your students, particularly those learning English as a second language?

Rote, and often boring, memorization of words, terms, grammar and sentence structure has given way to more interactive means of instruction when it comes to language learning. Technology allows the use of multimedia to aid understanding and engagement, by making language learning fun. There are many opportunities for educators to leverage students’ natural gravitation toward technology. Language learning is one good example of doing just that.