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Digital Publishing For Teachers Made Simple

by Corinne Ruff

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Article excerpt

UNC Press to Offer Publishing Services for Professors’ DIY Textbooks

As interest in open educational resources grows, university presses may find a new role: providing services to professors who want to create and post online their own materials that they can assign instead of adopting a pricy textbook. One example is at the University of North Carolina Press, which recently set up an Office of Scholarly Publishing Services that will offer copy editing, design layout, distribution, and seed money for professors making open educational resources.

Our take

Cultivating the Publishers in Your Midst

These days virtually anyone can be a publisher—teachers included. The ability to create DIY textbooks has existed for a while now, but the technology is not being embraced as rapidly as it might be. What would it take to help your staff embrace digital publishing to create their own, curriculum-specific educational resources?

Just because technology exists to make it so, doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a process or resource to help make the dream a reality. Such is the case with educators interested in creating and publishing their own online materials. They need resources and support to help point them in the right direction, and provide guidance when they run into roadblocks. The University of North Carolina Press is a good use case for steps that other universities might take to encourage content creation and publication.