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Is Digital Equity in Your Toolkit?

by Laura Devaney

eSchool News

Article excerpt

School leadership toolkit targets digital equity

The new leadership initiative and version 1.0 toolkit provides a historic contextual background of the issue, explains the “homework gap,” details broader implications of household connectivity, and lays out steps school districts can take to start closing the homework gap in their communities.

Our take

Access to Technology: Helping the Have Nots Become Haves

Technology is great, but for those students who don’t have access, the learning gaps and inequities can be significant. The Consortium for School Networking’s (CoSN) new toolkit is an attempt to bridge those gaps and minimize the inequities. How could you put this tool to use in your district?

Each district will be different based both on student demographics and budgets, but this CoSN initiative provides a good starting point for exploring ways in which digital gaps can be addressed. The toolkit offers tips and approaches for gaining digital equity including partnering with local businesses and looking for mobile hotspot or affordable LTE programs. It’s worth checking out.