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Kids in Front of Laptop

Digital and Non-Digital: A Delicate Balance

by Naomi Webb

Tech Guru Daily

Article excerpt

Does Technology Aid Learning in the Classroom?

The first embrace iPads as the worthy successor to the exercise book and negotiate nearly every aspect of teaching through the cloud. The second have banned little black boxes from their schools in a harrumph of seemingly nostalgic discontent. They both have a point.

Our take

Finding a Balance Between Appropriate and Inappropriate Technology Use in the Classroom

While some teachers are finding ways to incorporate technology into their classrooms in innovative and practical ways, others find technology to be a distraction and ban its use during class time. Somewhere in the middle lies an approach that can both optimize and manage the inevitability of technology in the classroom. How can you find this balance?

Technology in the classroom can be both an aid and a distraction. Instructors must find a way to balance the value that technology can provide with the potential for disruption. But, as this piece notes, it’s really no different than the challenges that have been faced by teachers for ages: holding students’ attention so they don’t engage in other activities. Establishing guidelines, monitoring and responding to inappropriate use and ongoing communication are keys to ensuring students understand the appropriate use of their technology tools in school settings.