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Develop A Digital Learning Site

by Leila Meyer

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

Northwestern U Develops New Digital Learning Website

Northwestern University in Illinois has launched a new Digital Learning website to showcase the innovative online and blended learning practices of campus faculty and provide information for those who want to implement digital learning. “The primary goal of the new website is to provide a glimpse into what is happening inside the Northwestern classroom and to help connect the dots between various innovations in teaching and learning,” stated a news release from the university.

Our take

Creating a Digital Learning Repository

The technology that teachers need to bring digital learning into their classrooms exists, but instructors are often unsure of exactly how to incorporate this technology in meaningful ways. Northwestern University in Illinois has taken steps to ease this burden by providing an online digital learning website that offers information, tools and examples of best practices.

Within the walls of your school system, or campus, likely live digital natives and technology titans armed with the knowledge, information and passion to serve as guides and coaches for others. There are also, likely, those who have learning needs related to technology adoption. Bringing these groups together to understand what the gaps might be, and how they could be efficiently filled, can serve as a starting point for developing your own best practice repository of tools and resources to fuel digital learning.