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Student using tablet in Library

Develop Better Video Content

by Stephen Haskin

Learning Solutions Magazine

Article excerpt

Practical Video Production for eLearning: Do It Right!

You’re probably making some video (maybe a lot of video) for your eLearning courses these days. But are you making the best use of video?

Our take

Beyond the “Talking Head”: Simple Way to Improve Your Video Content

Video engages, and today’s technology puts the opportunity for video production into the hands of literally all teachers—and students. But much of what is produced is not only poor in terms of quality, but also in terms of content. Is it possible for educators to gain the skills and knowledge to produce video that can better engage and educate students?

It is. As this article points out, there are some foundational elements that can help to boost both the production and educational value of video. Having basic equipment—including lighting equipment—and following some simple best practices can make a big difference. Video can be an important component of elearning applications, and production costs are significantly less than was once the case; by paying heed to these best practices, educators can ensure the appropriate and optimal use of video.