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Woman Talking in front of class

Designing the Perfect Layout for Learning

by Kecia Ray

Center for Digital Education

Article excerpt

Re:thinking Education - Classrooms as Learning Platforms

Rethinking education with technology as the catalyst is the Center for Digital Education’s vision. Designing today’s classroom as a more interactive learning platform enables us to broaden the conversation around digital learning and expand our thinking about classrooms to encompass interactive technologies, adaptive technologies, instructional technologies and technologies to improve the classroom’s physical climate.

Our take

Need for Interaction, Collaboration and Quiet Contemplation Should Drive Classroom Design

It’s difficult to reimagine something so engrained in our collective psyches as the classroom, yet technology is pushing administrators and educators to think differently about the best layouts and furnishings to aid 21st century learning. What are the best options for learning layouts in high-tech classrooms?

In both K-12 and higher ed there are opportunities to reimagine the traditional classroom in ways that consider not only technology, but also furniture and space design. Technology, in fact, should not be the driver of design. Instead, instructors need to consider the type of content that needs to be delivered, the amount of engagement and interaction involved, the need for quiet work and contemplation and to what extent all of these needs may need to be accommodated within one flexible space.